Privacy Policy




The Physio Radiance brand pays special attention to the protection of personal data. With this aim, the Physio Radiance brand undertakes to respect the Singapore legislations regarding personal data processing.

The protection of natural persons with regards to personal data processing is a fundamental right whatever the nationality or residence of the natural persons. The right to personal data protection is not, however, an absolute right; it must be considered in relation to its function in the Physio Radiance brand and balanced against other fundamental rights, in accordance with the principle of proportionality.

Personal data collected

These are the personal data that Physio Radiance brand collects:

• Website connection data: data relating to your browser (IP address, browser name);
• Analysis data: allows the analysis of the number of visits and habits of website visitors;
• Data received in the physical or digital mail that you have sent to us;
• Data collected through Facebook pixel and Google tags.

Lawful, loyal and transparent processing and determined, explicit and legitimate purposes

Personal data collected ensure the security as well as the correct operation of our website. Personal data collected ensure the security as well as the correct operation of our website. All information that we collect from you can be used to:
• Personalise your experience and meet your individual needs;
• Supply personalised advertising content;
• Remarketing;
• Improve our website;
• Improve customer service and your support needs;
• Investigate, prevent or take measures concerning illegal activities, presumed fraud, situations involving potential threats to the physical safety of any person, breaches of our terms of use, or when the law compels us to do so.

The Physio Radiance brand does not sell the collected data to third-party companies. Your data are protected and only used in the framework of your relationship with the Physio Radiance brand.

Data minimisation

The personal data required by the Physio Radiance brand are appropriate, relevant and limited to what is necessary regarding the purposes for which they are processed.

Data accuracy

The personal data collected by the Physio Radiance brand are exact. All reasonable measures are taken so that inaccurate personal data, regarding the purposes for which they are processed, are either deleted or rectified without delay.

Limitation of data retention

Personal data collected by the Physio Radiance brand are kept in a form allowing the identification of the persons concerned for a period not exceeding that necessary regarding the purposes for which they are processed.

Integrity and confidentiality

Personal data are processed by the Physio Radiance brand in such a way as to guarantee the appropriate security of personal data. They are protected against unauthorised or unlawful processing and against the loss, destruction or damage of accidental origin, with the help of appropriate technical or organisational measures. The data are stored on secure Singapore servers. These servers are equipped with the latest hardware technologies and enjoy the best protection. Moreover, SSL encryption is used to protect sensitive information transmitted online. Offline information is also protected. Only employees that need to carry out a specific job have access to identifiable personal information. The latter is subject to professional secrecy. The computers used to store identifiable personal information are kept in a secured environment.

Data processing concerning children

This requires the consent of the person who has parental responsibility.

Use of cookies

Cookies are small files stored in your browser for a defined period. They allow your browsing data to be kept, such as, for example, the choice of language.

On the Physio Radiance brand website, they are intended for statistical purposes. No personal data is sold or given to legal entities or natural persons. These data are only used to analyse our website’s traffic as well as analyse the security and correct operating of the latter. Our cookies improve the user experience thanks to the monitoring and targeting of his/her interests. However, this use of cookies is in no way linked to personal identifiable information on our website.

The controller

For any question or request relating to personal data processing within Physio Radiance brand, you can contact us at the following email address: [email protected]

We undertake to deal with your request within a maximum of one month. In order to be able to access your request, we ask you for proof of your identity for the purpose of identification and confidentiality.

Notification in the event of a data breach

An incident must be reported to the supervisory authority and the person concerned, less than 72 hours after being aware of it. The Physio Radiance brand shall avoid this obligation if the personal data breach has little chance of resulting in risks to the liberties and rights of natural persons.

What rights are you entitled to?

The right to be informed
You have access to information about the processing of your personal data and the reasons for this processing. You can obtain basic information on this subject. The controller will give you the necessary information even if the personal data has not yet been obtained.

The right of access
You are entitled to obtain confirmation from the controller that the personal data concerning you have not been processed. If the controller confirms that the personal data have been processed, the person concerned is entitled to have access to his/her personal data and obtain such information as:

• The aims and reasons for the processing;
• The categories of personal data concerned;
• The recipients or categories of recipients to which the personal data have or shall be communicated, in particular the recipients in third countries of international organizations;
• The existence of the right to ask the controller to correct or delete personal data, limit the processing of personal data relating to the person concerned, or the right to oppose this processing;
• The right to oppose and complain to a supervisory authority.

The right to correction
You are entitled to correction of the personal data concerning you that are inaccurate, as soon as possible, by the controller.

The right to deletion
The controller must delete your personal data if these are not necessary for the purpose for which they have been collected or processed; if the person concerned withdraws his/her consent on which the processing relies; or if the personal data have been processed unlawfully.

The right to data portability
You are entitled to receive your personal data. The personal data received must be structured in a legible format by a machine, because you have the right to pass on your data to another controller, with no interruption resulting from the controller, to whom your personal data have been supplied beforehand.

The right to oppose
You are entitled to oppose the processing of your personal data at any time. The controller shall no longer process your personal data, unless he/she proves that there are legitimate and pressing reasons for the processing, which prevail over your interests, rights and liberties, or for the observation, exercising or defense of rights in court, notably in the framework of a technical legal investigation. The controller must show that there is reasonable proof to process the data, or that this data processing is within the limits of your legal rights. If the Physio Radiance brand cannot respond to one of these requirements, it must stop the processing.

The right to limitations
You are entitled to ask for the processing to be limited if this is unlawful. You are also entitled to oppose the deletion of your personal data and demand instead a limitation of their use. You have the right to unsubscribe to the email address that the Physio Radiance brand is using to send you newsletters. If at any time you wish to unsubscribe and no longer receive emails, detailed instructions on how to unsubscribe are included at the bottom of each email.