Gentle Foaming Cleanser

 Cleanse out the tense

Key Benefits

Deep Cleanses

Refreshes your skin

Removes make-up, dead skin, oil and dirt

Keeps your skin looking radiant

Key Ingredients

Reconstituted Moisturising Factor

A balanced mix of amino acids, sugars, urea, vitamins, and sodium PCA, which helps maintain your skin’s hydrolipidic balance.

Gentle Foaming Cleanser

Product description

An ultra-mild cleanser for your face with a soft, mousse-like texture. Provides a gentle yet deep cleansing.

Directions for use

Splash your face with water. Apply a single pump into the palm of your hand and add water to form a creamy foam. Apply the cleanser by gently rubbing your hands along your entire face, then thoroughly rinse with water.

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